In this article you will learn:

  • Proper fitness training – holistic development for head AND body
  • eagle vs. Möve – Why only the (mentally) strong achieve their goals
  • Fitness Mindset – 3 fundamental mental codes to transform your body SUCCESSFULLY

I recently spent a few weeks in idyllic Northern Norway, enjoying the tan mountain and fjord landscape, freshly caught fish, invigorating sea air and the intoxicating sounds of nature.

A nature that is largely untouched, where flora and fauna bloom and flourish. In the Möven give me a free morning concert every day, moose in packs on the street and in which the fascinating sight of a real sea eagle presents itself – for the first time in my life that I can look a living eagle in the face. Less than 10 meters away from the boat, he snapped a still stunned fish while diving.

A strange sight, this lofty eagle in the midst of all the gulls. He made me wonder, held a mirror in front of my face and embodied exactly the fitness mindset that is needed to get your own body in shape.

I have always been of the opinion that fitness affects body and mind equally and is even dependent on the mind to a significant extent. Because every act is ultimately one of the will and in order to break old habits and develop a healthy dream body , you have to leave your comfort zone.

If you develop your character, you also benefit the development of the body (and vice versa). On the other hand, a weak mind that is still fully dominated by comfort can slow down the development of the body strongly or even completely!

Fitness is a holistic maturation process that body and mind should go hand in hand.

Everything else is not permanent . Hollow aesthetics make you just as vulnerable and unhappy as an oh-so-sublime spirit in a sick body. You can only develop your potential when you challenge, promote and develop both equally, for example with the Badass Challenge !

The spectacle of eagle and seagull makes it clear what is important, where the journey is going, if not only the body but also the character should mature and be strengthened.

Because I noticed three very clear and illuminating differences between white-tailed eagles and gulls, which are also reflected in our everyday life.

# 1 The fearful fall by the wayside

The seagulls circled the boat for a long time, no one dared to start, the fish was probably still too close.

During all my stays in Norway so far, I have noticed that seagulls only really get going, when one starts. Until then, they just circle and look. But as soon as one dares, as soon as one picks the fish, all of a sudden the others rush to the prey and try to get something from the cake.

Gulls are CAREFUL, AFRAID and in some ways DEPENDENT on the group.

The eagle is completely different. It barely turned two laps before diving into a dive or disappearing because no prey was available. He doesn’t need a taster! He doesn’t hesitate long acts DETERMINED and flies his way INDEPENDENT!

# 2 A razor-sharp focus is the basis of success

Gulls often miss their target. During my fishing trips I have often observed that their prey slips away from them because they are never really into it. Their gaze is constantly directed towards other gulls who could dispute their prey.

You are CONCENTRATED, NERVOUS and UNCONCENTRATED – and all too often you let your goal slip through the air.

The eagle, on the other hand, focuses completely on its target. His head doesn’t bob around looking for potential competitors. He always keeps his prey, his target, firmly in view.

As soon as he swoops, he is like an arrow – no more unnecessary movement, no more hesitation and hesitation. A stunned fish would never slip out of his claws again.


# 3 Do your thing – only fools react

At first I didn’t even notice the presence of the eagle visually, because I hadn’t expected it at all and accordingly didn’t look out. Rather, I felt his presence by the sudden excitement among the seagulls.

As soon as the eagle comes, the entire background noise changes. The gulls flew through the area, screeching and chaotic, and even tried to harass the eagle.

What was really fascinating about it was that the eagle did not get upset at all or was irritated by the gulls in any visible way. He did his thing and the seagulls were left with a screeching complaint after the eagle snatched the prey from under their noses.

Eagles ACT while gulls only REACT – they are left behind.

It boils down to a simple question: What are you – eagle or gull?

Hand on heart: I see a lot of gulls, but very few eagles in our society. Incidentally, this mainly affects those who feel discouraged about their bodies.

Fortunately, that can be changed. If you are after honest self-reflection (do you know the old gym saying? hand in your ego at the door! too often it prevents us from gaining helpful and necessary insights ) if you are more of a seagull, then let the eagle inspire you:

  • ACT, DO NOT RE ACT: If you decide to transform your body , follow a training program, follow new dietary rules I can promise you that you will move more, and you will be bombarded with advice for improvement from the outside. Everyone and everything thinks they know better … but if you want to achieve something, you have to learn to do your thing and not react to every gust of wind that wants to push you in a different direction!
  • CONCENTRATION: It is important in two ways.
    First, you should look at YOU. There is no point in constantly comparing yourself with others, because such comparisons ALWAYS lag. Nobody can ever look at the whole picture, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some people lose weight faster or build muscles faster. That doesn’t make them any better, it’s just quite simply different framework conditions. The constant comparison causes nothing but false, bloated egos on the one hand and inferiority complexes on the other – both are unhealthy and do not bring you closer to your goal. However, if you just look at yourself, there is no need to rush. Do what needs to be done patiently and it will eventually pay off.
    Second, concentration is also a key to being able to train progressively. Only those who are with heart and mind full can constantly challenge their body to such an extent that the limits of performance shift! Every workout deserves and needs the greatest possible attention , then your body will continue to develop AND stay healthy.
  • DETERMINED AND INDEPENDENT: To get fit and transform your body, the right know-how is certainly a basic requirement for it to work. Therefore it is of course advisable to read accordingly. Good fitness books help, just as well-founded articles as you can find them here on this page. But knowledge has its limits! In the end it is not what you think or know that counts, but only what you do, how you apply your knowledge! You are there, provided that you can’t / don’t want to afford a coach, on your own.
    Now you have to implement the knowledge independently . To find solutions that work for YOU and fit into YOUR life. Many people let themselves be paralyzed by the fear of doing something “wrong” – but the fearful fall by the wayside. You dare! You can only win in this. There is no theoretical optimum anyway, and in the long term it is above all a matter of gathering experiences and learning from them. Let yourself be inspired, but look for, find and tread YOUR path.

At the end I would like to state one more thing: Of course, reality is not just made up of black and white. The fact is that everyone has a little eagle and a little gull in them. The decisive question here is in which direction you want to DEVELOP.

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