“Live every day like it’s your last!” – a great saying for Facebook profiles to have a profound effect. There’s something to it, isn’t it? You only have one life and you have to savor it to the last.

The thing is, my kitchen would look like a pigsty and I would fit in there perfectly because I would only eat chips, chocolate, pizza and ice cream every day. My teeth would have rotted away, I would certainly never have seen a dentist in my life. In my entire life I would not have filed a tax return, never done my homework, answered letters or e-mails. Well, it would have been a very short, stupid and unsuccessful life.

So let’s face the facts: Today is probably not your last day – and neither is mine. Even if the idea of ​​only living “in the here and now” is very romantic, it probably also provides the fastest route to one’s own downfall. It is the naivety of the weakling.

Of course it is important to appreciate the present, to focus your thoughts on your current activity and not to be frightened by worries about the future. But the fact is also: Each of us MUST have our future in mind to be able to steer in the right direction in the present.

I get it, you want to enjoy your day because it could be your last. You want to feel joy and have fun, because what is the point of everything else?

The problem is that many of us believe that it goes on and on, that fun can always be in the foreground. But time doesn’t stand still, fun is fleeting and every problem that you let slip today, will only be even bigger tomorrow.

Chaos increases and it drags you down if you don’t fix it and keep it in order – every day until the end of your life.

If we leave the naivety behind, we can face a tough fact:

Everyone has to learn to meet their daily duties.

Developing the discipline to do this is the real maturation of growing up! This is what distinguishes the adult from the child. For the child, life is about having fun.

However, this is not a question of age, but a question of the mindset. In which direction are your aspirations pointing? Are they almost entirely dedicated to fun?

Then you will pay a heavy price for it. Because for children this only works for one reason, namely because they are supported by their parents.

When the supports break away …

At some point all the outer supports break away and then it becomes apparent who is strong and stable enough to stand on their own two feet. Then it becomes apparent who is an adult and who is not.

You can ignore your tasks and problems, you can hide them and postpone them. But that’s the easy way. The way of weakness! In this way your potential withers away. In this way you will learn to avoid problems, to duck your head and to make yourself comfortable in your comfort zone.

You don’t learn to solve problems. You’re not learning how to do what needs to be done – even if it’s not fun. You learn NOTHING from real life! You live in a dream world, in a soap bubble that will one day burst.

And when it does that, when the illusory world collapses, when your supports break away, when the illusions are revealed and leave you des-illusioned, then everything hits you that you neglect and put on the back burner all at once.

Many are overwhelmed by this, do not know what to do first and will struggle with this backlog for life to catch up.

Life belongs to the strong

I don’t know what goals or dreams you have in your life. But I know this much: you will need discipline and you will have to learn to say no.

No for pleasure when there are more important things to do.

No to the easy way.

No for convenience.

Life will again and again overwhelm those who have not learned to be strong. Life belongs to the strong. To those who do not allow indolence and laziness to guide them but do what has to be done.

This is characteristic of all champions and leaders in the world. Nobody achieves anything here the easy way.

When nobody is looking

It takes the discipline to work hard to be able to achieve what you have always dreamed of.

To work hard, especially when when nobody is looking. When the parents are not there, when the partner is not there, when teachers, professors or supervisors are not watching your fingers. When there is no external pressure, IF YOU HAVE ALL THE EXCUSES IN THE WORLD TO JUST PUT YOUR FEET UP AND LOVE YOU.

THIS is the time when champions are born! When nobody is looking.

What do you do then? Are you sitting in front of the tv Do you play on the Playstation? Surf the Internet, watch YouTube videos, or watch highly paid actors on Netflix pretend they’re alive? How do you pretend idealized worlds in which everything ultimately fits together and every problem is solved?

These are illusions. Disillusion yourself! We tend to only see success. Of all the role models, the successful ones, we only ever see the results.

We overlook the work, the path, the tough decisions, that they had to meet to get there. We don’t see what had to be done.

Real progress happens in the shadows. Then when nobody is looking.

I’m not someone who likes to gloss over things. Reality is tough, and it looks like this: Either you start working hard and purposefully even when no one is looking. Or you stick to your excuses and thus fall by the wayside.

The fate of the talented

It is significant that this happens all too often to the talented. to those who never really had to work hard. Those who grew up sheltered and pampered, were under-challenged in school and were able to walk through life with apparent ease.

They fall by the wayside if they don’t wake up early enough and see the value of hard work. Their potential withers because they haven’t learned to use it, learn, grow and feel Open your bum when it counts.

You have big dreams, want to change the world, but you can’t even get a cold shower on the chain. No discipline, no strength.

They will have to watch almost powerlessly as everyone else gradually passes them by. Because at some point in life there comes a point where hard work beats any talent.

We’ve all just seen this. If there is one lesson from this World Cup in which the German national soccer team was eliminated in the preliminary round for the first time in its history, then it is this:

Hard work beats talent.

The footballing talent of these players surpassed that of the opponents, but they showed much more commitment and aggressiveness. The result was in sight.

How about you?

Do you feel addressed? Are you one of those people who love to put unpleasant tasks on the back burner in favor of short-term pleasures? Who only have the immediate advantages in mind? Who want to do everything at the last whistle? If so, then make it clear to yourself that you are chasing after!

And if you want to change that, then you have to do what you have tried to avoid out of comfort. You have to put your finger in the gaping wound of your proud one, be honest with yourself and learn to do what needs to be done – even when it’s “not fun”.

Realize that there are countless ways you can practice just that every day. That’s why it’s called DAILY DISCIPLINE.

  • What does your kitchen look like?
  • When was the last time you cleaned the windows?
  • How much paperwork do you have loose on your desk or on a shelf because you “didn’t feel like editing it, archiving it or throwing it away?”
  • What does your email inbox look like? Do you have the overview? Are you able to find important emails at any time? Or were you too lazy to come up with a sensible system of order or to enforce it consistently?

How you live and what your environment looks like says a lot about you. The garbage collects in the life of those who chase after – and it’s no different in your body!

If you chase after your problems, do not act preventively and are only looking for pleasure, it affects your stomach, your organs and muscles, your fitness, health and energy. The garbage collects, the potential of your body withers.

But you want to change that, don’t you? That’s why you’re here, that’s why you put these lines. I also dare to suspect that this is not your first attempt.

How often have you tried to take control of your body, to bring it into shape, to carve out your dream figure and to let the seething power of a healthy and fit body pulsate in your veins? Why doesn’t it work?

The right time …

Let me ask you a question about this: WHEN did you try to get started consistently?

Because I know that the truth is almost always: tomorrow.

You always want to get started tomorrow. Chances are you’ve made this mistake all your life.

Stop chasing! You’re chasing your commitments as well as your ambitions. You have to put this weakness aside, stop responding, procrastinate, and wait for the right moment. NOW is the time to get things done. That’s what makes people badass!

Because let’s face the facts: If you really believe that tomorrow is the right, better time to get started … how do you know that tomorrow you can’t think of a valid reason to start the day after tomorrow or next week ?

It runs through our entire life because we have made it a habit to put things off! The more often we do it, the better we get at it. It’s getting harder and harder to get off this hamster wheel.

But that is exactly what you have to do if you want to change the result! This is your job and no one can take it from you.

You really want to finally eat healthier and burn body fat? Then go straight into the kitchen and throw out everything that somehow smells like chemicals, sugar and fattening foods. Throw the chocolate, ice cream, ketchup, white bread, ready-made meals in the trash.

Wait a minute, isn’t it a shame? After all, it all cost money.

That may be, but it’s GIFT to you. I mean that in all seriousness: Luxury foods are poison for those who don’t know how to control them.

You made a mistake buying this stuff until you can control yourself eating it, until you have developed a healthy and assertive nutritional intuition. Don’t make another mistake by consuming this stuff too. The only way to recycle it now is to dispose .

So then, how about: Do you start or do you keep running?

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