Burning excess body fat can be a frustrating endeavor if you don’t know what to do and what to do.

Lifestyle magazines are usually not of great help with nonsensical advice like “drink green tea” – as if it really makes a difference!

No, anyone who wants to burn body fat quickly and sustainably and get fit for the beach has to know which measures really help – and what many overlook. Here are 10 professional tips with which you can heat up the burning of fat without running the risk of feeling the famous yo-yo effect.

A really decisive trick that hardly anyone really takes into account, especially nowadays, because many do not know its scope. But if you want to lose weight, this insight is crucial:

The slower you eat, the more “efficient” you eat.

The term “efficient” refers to the ratio of satiety to calorie intake.

Many people literally gobble the food down, hardly chewing it. As a result, however, you automatically take in more calories than you actually need and also damage the digestive organs in the long term.

Chewing slowly is the first step towards a healthier and more fat-burning diet.

This is about more than just fat: Proteins are needed everywhere in the body!

If you do not eat enough high-quality proteins, your immune system is weakened, your sleep becomes more restless, your regeneration deteriorates – your body simply does not work optimally.

But directly related to fat burning:

It is NOT possible to gain weight from protein.

Anyone who understands the theoretical side of metabolism (and its energy expenditure) as well as the saturation effects has long known. Studies have since proven that.

To cut a long story short: Proteins fill you up very well, but they can’t make you fat. Those who eat enough protein create a good nutritional basis for burning fat.

You can find out more about this topic here: Protein Guide – The right protein intake for muscle building, fat loss and health.

The inability to endure hunger is a leading cause of excess body fat.

The problem is, most of us now grow up with an abundance of food – and with constant availability.

The fact that from childhood on we always had something edible to touch with the slightest hint of hunger, has meant that we can only deal with hunger poorly.

That is why it happens quickly, especially with the temptingly delicious, high-energy and chemical-rich selection in the supermarket that you eat more than you should – and gain .

If you are affected by this “snack addiction”: It can only be overcome directly, namely by completely avoiding snacks of any kind for at least a while (at least 4 weeks) ( yes, even on the “healthy”)!

Three main meals are enough to be well nourished. This has also become clear in the course of the Badass Challenge, where snacks must also be avoided.

In this way you learn to deal better with feelings of hunger , to endure them and not always have to give in to them immediately – and thus gain an extremely important piece of control over your eating habits!

Strength training is certainly not one of the classic “fat burners”. Every calorie consumption table says that common cardio exercises such as jogging burn significantly more calories – at least when training itself.

But calorie burn can also expand beyond training due to the afterburn effect and that is exactly what happens during strength training. Because of the heavy weights, tiny “injuries” occur in the muscles, that have to be repaired – of course that costs energy.

In addition, training with heavy weights is irreplaceable in order to maintain valuable muscle mass , which is otherwise one of the first to be lost in a calorie deficit.

Muscles are the key to losing weight quickly and sustainably, because they consume a lot of energy even at rest. If you lose too much muscle mass, the yo-yo effect is close!

Not only training with heavy weights, but also training with lighter weights can have a very accelerating effect on fat burning.

While the heavy weights mainly work the muscles, light weights can be used for a metabolically intensive exercise.

This type of training is also called ” metabolic conditioning “, or METCON for short (metabolism is another word for metabolism).

You have probably heard that losing weight is about ” boosting your metabolism “. This is exactly what happens with the so-called METCON workouts, as you may already know from CrossFit.

A real eye-opener for me in this regard was my very first CrossFit workout in a repetition scheme that I didn’t know then and have long since come to love:

  • 21 muscle snatches
  • 21 box jumps
  • 15 muscle snatches
  • 15 box jumps
  • 9 muscle snatches
  • 9 box jumps

Carry out all exercises one after the other and as quickly as possible – it’s time!

The workout usually takes less than 10 minutes – and you will rarely have sweated as much! This is where the metabolism is really heated up, because with these exercises you unleash the enormous muscular potential of the lower body and appeal to a lot of muscles – this really hurts the fat pads!

At the same time you train your fitness (especially the endurance component) so that you have noticeably more energy over time.

If you don’t know the Muscle Snatch:

Of course, it also works with other complex exercises (squats, front squats, push presses, thrusters, clean & jerk, repositioning, kettlebell swings and many more) and comparable methods (e.g. interval training).

The basic idea is important:

Use effective compound exercises that target as many muscles as possible, use modern or light weights (you should already be able to do more than 10 reps with them) and push the limits of your performance.

Advantage: This form of training complements heavy strength training because both address different energy systems – you can achieve more overall without burning out.

If you train for time as in the example just mentioned, then this tip is superfluous. But if you rather train with classic workouts (e.g. 3 sets of 10 repetitions) or, for example, do circuit training, then it is advisable to keep the breaks shorter and make sure that you keep them.

While you can take longer breaks of several minutes when training for strength and muscle mass and you do not necessarily need to time them, you want to train more metabolically intensive with fat loss training and thus need shorter breaks.

“Metabolism-intensive training”, as the name suggests, becomes very intense very quickly (the example workout from §5 gives you a good insight), so that experience has shown that many (mostly unconsciously!) tend to extend the breaks – and thereby undermine the desired training effect!

Therefore: Set and stick to the timer, even if it is very exhausting.

It’s not just a physical, but also a mental challenge. That makes it twice as valuable.

Let me first state very clearly:

You don’t need any supplements at all to burn fat!

This is a fairy tale that the relevant industry wants to trick us into – you guessed it – to make money from it.

Nevertheless, especially with those who find it difficult to go without sweets, I have found time and again that a delicious protein shake can really help.

It not only provides high-quality protein (whey protein has a very good amino acid spectrum), but can, if it tastes good, also dampen the desire for sweets and control cravings.

Such a shake directly after training, on non-training days directly after getting up, can be used for regeneration of muscles as well as for adherence to a healthier diet help . Certainly not a must, but useful for some.

Should you choose to do this, consider this one shake a day as the only exception to §3.

You should keep your hands off all the “fat burners”, because they really don’t work and certainly won’t help you lose weight.

This also and especially applies to L-carnitine and CLA. I mention these two explicitly because I recently saw them as a weight loss recommendation in a magazine. Their effectiveness has not been proven by studies, which is why sellers are no longer allowed to advertise an alleged fat-burning effect according to a newer Health Claims Regulation of the EU.

Plain text:

Fat burners are a waste of money and even the attempt to make it easier for yourself to lose weight in this way, because that’s why so many take them, is doomed to failure.

Because in order to keep the body fit and slim, you have to overcome resistance – Anyone looking for shortcuts is still stuck in their comfort zone!

Okay, I get it: you really want your dream body. Thanks to the media, we already have precise ideas in mind of how it “should look”.

The thing is, such a “point target” is very counterproductive in my experience. Because you lose sight of the way.

It is impossible for you to be enthusiastic about the path to the goal if you keep thinking about the goal in the future.

Because then it is not the path that motivates and inspires you, only the goal. A goal that from time to time will become a long way off.

What if you actually achieve your goal anyway? What happens if you have not developed enthusiasm for fitness, but are actually only interested in the result? Well, at least you wouldn’t be the first to lose your lust and fall back …

Here is an alternative yardstick for your endeavors:

Concentrate on making yourself better .

I mean, isn’t that what it’s all about ?!

This goal, formulated so simply here, actually combines everything that fitness can offer you:

You feel better, if you regularly exercise balanced, if you challenge your body constructively and at the same time ensure adequate rest periods.

You will feel better, if you eat sensible food without torturing yourself.

You feel better, if you correct weak points and develop your musculoskeletal system in a balanced way, instead of just concentrating on show muscles and inevitably creating imbalances.

You feel better, , if you are enthusiastic about the path.

And of course you feel better if you do You radiate newly gained power on the outside and develop a beautiful body for you.

My thesis is:

This is exactly what fitness training is all about. It should make us feel better. That we have more energy, are healthier, more productive and look more beautiful – all together, instead of just limited to the outside.

… is it for religious fanatics? Maybe.

But also for people who have a lot of stress in everyday life and want to switch off from it to recharge their batteries and send the body into regeneration mode. To be more precise: To activate the parasympathetic nervous system of the autonomic nervous system.

Hand on heart: how are you? Could you use a little more rest and relaxation?

Many of us try to relax in front of the television, but that only works to a limited extent. Ultimately, it is only a source of information that continues to tip water into an already overfilled glass.

After all, the flood of information is a weighty reason that many of us are so stressed.

Better: Switch off, calm down your thoughts and create order in your head.

If you do this in the evening, you also promote a quiet, regenerative night sleep.

This accelerates the regeneration from training, brings the hormonal system into balance, because a permanent excess of the stress hormone cortisol is poison for fat burning and gives more energy.

It is enough to sit upright for 10-15 minutes – lying down is also possible, but many fall asleep – and concentrate on your breath as best you can. It gets deeper and more even over time, whereby the body also relaxes more and more.

What is the main muscle? The legs? The back? The abs? I think, the most important muscle is willpower.

Not a muscle in the classic sense of course, I know. But with an amazingly similar functionality! Like the real muscles of the body, willpower is strengthened by use and weakened by neglect.

Willpower alone is not enough to stick with it in the long term and to be consistent. Above all, it also requires a good portion of enthusiasm – without it it is only possible for a short time.

But it doesn’t work even without willpower, because:

The path to a slim, fit and healthy body is certainly not as linear as many imagine!

Expect obstacles, expect valleys. It’s not just “up”. It’s a long way and there will always be phases in which old habits catch up with you, where you would like to eat yourself through a chocolate cake and skip your workouts.

It takes willpower to stay on course even in stormy times. If you turn off at the first headwind, you won’t get far.

That is why it is important to train this most important “muscle” and that can only be done through controlled use.

That means in everyday life consciously looking for the way out of the comfort zone , consciously choosing the difficult path:

  • Still taking the stairs after a long day at work, still taking a little walk, even though you want to sink into the sofa.
  • Occasionally taking a cold shower, although it would be so much more pleasant warm.
  • To take the bike even in bad weather, although the car would be much more comfortable.
  • Going to exercise even if you haven’t slept optimally – you don’t always have to go full throttle!
  • Saying “no” when the cravings come.
  • To cook yourself a healthy meal, even when you are sad or frustrated and would rather put a pizza in the oven.

Not all at once, not all the time … because like a real muscle, willpower can also be exhausted.

But real growth is only experienced by those who go to their own limits – and do what is right instead of what is convenient.

It’s a question of the mindset! A question of your attitude. Many people have gotten used to always looking for and treading the path of least resistance.

But then you have no chance. Because the path to fitness, the path to your dream body, is simply not the path of least resistance.

The fact is: There are much easier ways. But they make you fat and sick over time.

So what everyone who wants to achieve a slim body and also want to keep it has to learn is to leave your comfort zone. This is a skill, not a quality. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

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