In this article you will learn:

  • Invisible blockages – What mental codes are and how they are decisive for success and failure
  • The secret fitness factor – practical examples of how mental codes determine your fitness
  • The blacklist – These well-known codes DESTROY your progress, make every diet fail and endanger your health
  • Reprogram the system – Identify and replace mental codes

Do you want to lose weight? Run a marathon? Build muscles? Increase your training weights? Improve your fitness and health?

Whatever fitness goals you may have, the following everyday and therefore extremely instructive short story must be viewed beforehand. It’s about Paul (name changed), a good friend.

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It was a nice barbecue evening, in good company, with entertaining conversations and perfect weather on a warm June day. Paul had just finished his second helping of grilled meat. We had some delicious salads, vegetable kebabs and fish on the grill. But Paul only had eyes for the sausages and steaks, for the potato salad soaked in mayonnaise – and of course for his cool pilsner, the third of its kind now …

Well, we all know that, I think to myself: Every now and then you want to treat yourself to something, right?

But this, I immediately realized, is different. Because less than two weeks before, everyone was wondering why Paul wasn’t strolling to the kebab shop after football, as usual for him. Then he announced: I want to slim down!

So two weeks later, on that barbecue evening, this resolution seemed a long way off. Usually I don’t interfere, but Paul is close to my heart and that’s why I asked him: “Paul, didn’t you want to lose weight?”

A memorable moment: Paul hesitated, a wrinkle appeared on his forehead. His gaze was concerned and down.

This authentic moment, in which the mask was off, lasted only a blink of an eye and went unnoticed by the others, before Paul, as usual, smiled carefree and casually replied: “Oh, tomorrow I’ll go an extra- Run lap and train that again. ”

I experienced this story more than 8 years ago, at the 2010 Soccer World Cup. It was the time when I dealt with mental codes in more detail for the first time.

One thing quickly became clear to me at the time: Almost everyone could have been in Paul’s skin! It is a common but still unknown phenomenon.

Inevitably I had to ask myself: What other mental codes are there that unconsciously control us and sometimes block us?

Perhaps you are now wondering: What are mental codes?

Mental codes are beliefs, which are mostly unreflective and through pure repetition are anchored deep in our subconscious and control our behavior.

A simple example: “Before going to bed you brush your teeth.”

Our parents taught us this code at a young age – and it has proven itself!

You see, mental codes are something very common and, like the one just mentioned, they can be useful.

Unfortunately, over time, harmful, false codes creep into our subconscious and sabotage our efforts from there.

In the story, in that brief and authentic moment that occurred between my question and his answer, the following mental code came to Paul:

  • I can compensate for junk food through training.

This mental code is owned by many and it sabotages any attempt to burn body fat permanently. Exercise can never compensate for poor nutrition! That’s wishful thinking.

It is also important what is actually responsible for this mental code. Take a look behind the scenes and you will see: Behind it, as so often, is simply the longing for fatty / sweet / salty food.

This longing ensures that we too willingly believe in actually wrong things, just because we can give in to our desires.

With Paul the longing got stronger and stronger, so that he lost control of the cravings and with the help of this wrong mental code saved himself in a (Consigliato per gli atleti pharmacom) compromise solution – the beginning of the end.

In this way, mental codes block many of our aspirations.

By the way, that evening we talked a little bit about fat burning training in the group and a friend came up with another classic, wrong mental code:

  • You have to jog for at least 20 minutes with a fat-burning pulse so that the body begins to tap into the fat deposits.

That too has long been exposed as nonsense. Ultimately, it’s all about the energy balance – those who burn more than what is consumed through food break down body fat.

The afterburn effect means that even other forms of training such as Tabata training can effectively burn more calories.

Another closely related mental code:

  • If you want to lose weight, you should go jogging.

Many people make this mistake as well. It’s the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to losing weight: jogging.

In fact, proper strength training is the best basis for any fat burning training, because only then can the muscles be protected – a decisive factor for sustainability!

Combined with endurance training results in the best results. However, activities other than jogging also work. Swimming, rowing, cross-trainers, intense cycling and especially combined sports like kickboxing, soccer and basketball are great alternatives!

You see, mental codes lurk everywhere and are not infrequently destructive. To illustrate, I have put together a small list of known and incorrect mental codes for you – you might find one or the other belief that has blocked you so far.

  • No Pain, No Gain.
  • Fat makes you fat.
  • After your workout, sweets are fine.
  • Healthy food is expensive.
  • Machine exercises are safer.
  • If you want to lose weight, you inevitably have to do more sport.
  • I don’t have enough time for regular exercise / to cook.
  • Eat half is the key to losing weight.
  • If you want to eat healthily, you have to live vegan.
  • Sleeping is for lazy people.

Which mental codes are in your way so far? It’s time to be honest with yourself.

Mental codes can be found in all areas of life, in training and nutrition as well as in work, in relationships and private projects.

Whether you finally want to lose weight, build muscle, get fit, live healthier, become more productive or build any other new habits, the most important step is now open:

Reflect honestly and find those mental codes that have stood in the way of your success so far.

I consciously emphasize the word “honest” because that is exactly what many people unconsciously avoid. We are not honest with ourselves!

But it also makes us blind to the mistakes we make – and any positive change is nipped in the bud.

As soon as you have found the mental codes that are blocking you, you need to replace them with expedient alternatives.

For example, the following mental codes are available for Paul to support him on his way:

  • When it comes to losing weight, diet primarily determines success – training is supportive .
  • If I sweat regularly during training, I would be stupid to destroy it again with feeding orgies!
  • The more consistently I pay attention to my diet, the faster I reach my goal.
  • The worse my diet is in the evening, the worse I sleep and the less energy I have tomorrow.
  • Enjoyment is okay – but only controlled (in moderation).

When you identify harmful mental codes and replace them with constructive alternatives, you harness the full power of your subconscious and then it is only a matter of time before you reach your goals reach.

Success is certain as soon as the inner conflicts are resolved, as soon as your beliefs match your goals!

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